BOOK CLUB: October

BOOK CLUB: October

I’m so excited to finally discuss this months book club reads. I guess it’s better late than never, right?

This month we read Final Girls, a psychological thriller based in New York, and The Secret History of Us, a young adult novel about memory loss and the secret lives we keep. 

I can’t wait to see what you guys thought of the books! Let’s start by discussing Final Girls. 

BOOK CLUB: October - A Girl & Grey | The Final Girls by Riley Sager | The Secret History of Us by Jessi Kirby | A Girl and Grey Book Club


Oh boy oh boy I loved this book. It was basically everything I thought it would be and more. 

I generally have a knack for guessing the ending of many psychological and crime thrillers. I can almost always tell who the killer is half way through, and my score is even higher when it comes to movies of the same genre. Some might call it educated guessing, but I think a lot of the times my intuition kicks in and I picture myself as a part of the story. I don’t really know how to explain it, and I guess it’s kind of weird, but it usually makes mystery/suspense novels a bit unexciting for me. 

Well, that did not happen with Final Girls, let me tell you. 

I was guessing up until the very end, and even then was in complete slack-jawed SHOCK at finding out the culprit of the Pine Cottage murders. Were you guys expecting it at all? 

I kind of liked how all of the separated parts of the Pine Cottage story linked together in the end, and I was also kiiiiiinda shocked at the Tina Stone/Samantha Boyd drama. I mean, it makes a little bit of sense, but I was still shocked. 

There’s just something so creepy about a lone cabin in the woods… 

Up next, we’ll discuss The Secret History of Us. 

BOOK CLUB: October - A Girl & Grey | The Final Girls by Riley Sager | The Secret History of Us by Jessi Kirby | A Girl and Grey Book Club


Now, I wasn’t expecting to like this one much, as I’m on a biiiiit of a crime novel binge… BUT this book was incredible

I loved how strong Olivia was after the accident in refusing to just accept the way her life was told to her. As we later found out, she had good reason to ask so many questions.

I will say that I kind of expected the ending, and I knew what was coming, but if anything that made me read it even faster to find out if my suspicions were true. 

This novel has such a strong story line backing it, which makes it one of the best young adult novels I’ve ever read. I couldn’t help putting myself in Olivia’s shoes at certain points within the story to see if I would react in the same way. I think it’s a good sign when I can see parts of myself in the main character. It just makes the story more relatable.

I guess the only criticism I’d have would be that the ending was too short. I want more!

Let’s continue the discussion in the comments – you might have noticed that I kept this review spoiler free, and that’s because last time I unfortunately gave away the endings to some of you who hadn’t finished yet… (sorry!)

So for those of you who are still working through the books, this is your warning – DON’T READ THE COMMENTS UNTIL YOU’RE DONE. There’s nothing worse than knowing the ending, am I right?!

Okay, nowwww we can get into the nitty gritty. 

I want to know which book you read, and if you read both, which was your favourite?

Who were your favourite and least favourite characters in each of the novels?

Were you expecting the ending? Both of our books this month were kind of mystery-based which is like my favourite thing ever, so I was glad that the ending in Final Girls at least was completely out of left field!

Leave me a comment below so we can discuss our October books a little more! I can’t wait to hear from you. 

Sharni xo

P.S. Have you picked up your November books yet? There’s three of them!

9 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: October”

  • I of course had to read both!
    I loved Final Girls! Like you I can normally suspect how things end but I did not see this one at all. I loved the weaving of past and present, it was done so well. 👏🏼
    I also really enjoyed The Secret History of Us, it was your typical cliche YA contemporary novel but it was still a good read. The only thing I wish was that the ending was longer, as I told you those last 30 pages were just too quick!

  • The Secret History of Us was really readable. I did enjoy it but felt like the characters and world could have been build upon much more. I didn’t really care for Walker and the last few pages resolved way too quickly for there to be a satisfying build up. It was a great quick holiday read and I’d be interested in reading some of her other books in the future! Looking forward to reading November’s books Becca xx

    • You’re so right Becca! I was wondering why the world felt a bit flat. I’m excited to see how you enjoy THUG, The Snowman and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before! xo

  • The first book I read was The Secret History of Us and I found it really easy to read and finished it in one night while I was staying in Brisbane. I enjoyed it but agree it resolved waaaay too quickly. I don’t normally feel like a book should be longer but I definitely think this one would have been better if they had expanded more on the other characters (for example I really thought something more was going to come out of the falling out with her best friend, rather than them just losing touch??)
    I also really enjoyed Final Girls and was so shocked at who the killer was and wasn’t expecting it at all! I’m normally the same and can pick it from a mile away! I did pick up that Samantha wasn’t who she said she was though, something just didn’t seem right. The only thing that bothered me was that I didn’t find any of the characters likable at all, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing (and was probably the point considering they were all flawed from everything they had to overcome) but I felt myself cringing at the way some of the characters were dealing with some things.
    Now I really need to get started on Novembers books!
    Rachel x

    • Oh you’re so right Rachel! I found Quincy especially frustrating… like why is she so quick to allow a STRANGER into her house? Crazy crazy crazy! Can’t wait to see if you like Novembers books! xo

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