BOOK CLUB: Our October Books Are…

BOOK CLUB: Our October Books Are…

Well, now that our first month of the A Girl & Grey Book Club is officially over, it’s time to announce our books for October!

(If you’re yet to get involved in the discussion of our September books, here is the link, and if you’re totally new to the book club, here is the sign up link! Remember, the discussion is never closed and you can always jump in for a chat on the dedicated blog post).

This past month saw over fifteen new members join the book club, which is so exciting (and means that there are nearly fifty of us!), but a lot of you forgot to vote for which books you want to read in October! Voting is closed now, but there were definitely two clear winners which makes me think that the majority of you will be stoked with our chosen books.

One of our books is a young adult novel centered around a girl who loses her memory, and the other is a psychological thriller praised endlessly by Stephen King.

Any guesses?

BOOK CLUB: Our October Books Are... - A GIRL & GREY

BOOK CLUB: Our October Books Are... - A GIRL & GREY

BOOK CLUB: Our October Books Are... - A GIRL & GREY



Final Girls promises to scare the shit out of you and leave your mind reeling for hours on end. It’s the perfect read for those of us who enjoy feeling a little scared, and also for those of us that love a page turner. After reading this book, the King of Horror himself stated “the first great thriller of 2017 is here” and that about sold it for me. The last book that I read from his recommendation was INCREDIBLE and so many of you thought so too.

You can buy Final Girls by Riley Sager at most book stores, but I really recommend Book Depository (direct link for book here). Their prices are unbelievable, they offer FREE SHIPPING on everything, and delivery is pretty good. Some books might take over a week to arrive, but the amount of money you save is worth it. I only buy books from Book Depository, and no, this is not sponsored (oh my god I wish it was) – just trying to help you guys save some $$.

The Secret History Of Us is a book that I think anyone and everyone will enjoy. It’s a mish-mash of young adult, contemporary and romance fiction, but it has that element of mystery and intrigue as well. I’ve heard from a few people that it’s such a relaxing read, and the writing is incredibly beautiful.

You can buy The Secret History Of Us at most books stores, but again, I really recommend Book Depository (direct link for book here).

Okay, I think that’s all I had to tell you guys? Oh! Make sure to tag me in any pictures you post online of your books once you receive them, and keep me updated on your reading progress! I’m going to try and be better at doing live updates on how I’m finding the books, etc, as a few of you have asked for that kind of content. Alsoooo, don’t forget to join Goodreads if you’re a book lover like me and we can be pals! Add me here.

Yaaaay I’m so excited for this month – I really think it’s going to be SO much better than the last!

Sharni xo

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