LUSH Christmas Haul

LUSH Christmas Haul

It should be of no surprise by now that I am a total LUSH addict. I think my recent bath bomb haul shows you that!

Today I’ve got something a little smaller but a whole lot more festive. 

Now, I certainly wasn’t the only person freaking out about the LUSH Christmas Collection this year, and for good reason, too! There’s just so much stuff to choose from in the 2017 range – where does one even begin?

As it’s summer here I decided to only pick up some shower and skincare bits.

You have no idea how much I wish I could take baths alllllll December long, but it’s really uncomfortable in the hot, humid weather here in southeast Queensland. I’ve been tempted to try a cold bath, but I just don’t think I can fathom it. I’d much prefer a long, lukewarm shower during the summer months. Are you the same?

With that said, here are some shower and skincare bits I picked up on my recent LUSH trip. 

LUSH Christmas Haul | @agirlandgrey

LUSH Christmas Haul | @agirlandgrey


This scrubby wonder is such a great addition to a summer shower.

It’s minty and fresh and smells like candy canes, and it always leaves me with baby soft skin. 

Simply rub it over your skin in the shower and rinse off. I love this one!


If there’s one product that is such great value at LUSH, it’s their shower jelly.

This stuff lasts forever, and creates such an amazing lather when used in the shower. 

This specific shower jelly smells like crisp apple, sweet wine, bergamot and rose and has tiny star-shaped glitter through it. It’s also shaped like a cute little belly, which makes it all the more fun.


This moisturiser is a repurchase for me, and I think this might be my twentieth tub? 

It’s the best product I’ve found for my [at times] sensitive, acne prone skin. 

It also smells like almonds and vanilla which is possibly the best scent in the world. 

LUSH Christmas Haul | @agirlandgrey

LUSH Christmas Haul | @agirlandgrey


I did not expect to love this soap as much as I do. 

It’s made with rose, cloves and soya milk as well as cranberries and cashews, and it kind of reminds me of Yog Nog – a Christmas soap from previous years [and also my favourite LUSH soap ever].

Even Harry liked this one, and he’s not the biggest fan of fruity shower products! I think this soap would be a fab stocking stuffer gift for anyone, or even just for yourself. 


This is definitely a fresh scented soap, and I absolutely LOVE it – especially for a summer Christmas. 

It contains ho wood and lavender and basically smells like a Christmas tree forest in the depths of winter. 

Another bonus of this soap is that you can smell it on your skin hours after you’ve showered, which is always fab. 


And last but certainly not least, this phenomenal cleanser. I wish LUSH would sell it year round as it’s the best product to keep spots at bay!

Satsumas, cranberries and brandy make the scent of this product the most festive thing of all. It’s honestly a joy to use and I love the way it makes my skin look and feel. 


LUSH Christmas Haul | @agirlandgrey

And that’s everything I picked up in my Christmas LUSH haul. If I had to recommend one to purchase, I’d say Bûche de Noël. It makes my skin glow in a way that no cleanser has ever done before, and it basically smells like Christmas in a pot. 

Have you tried any of these products yet?

Merry Christmas!

Sharni xo

LUSH Christmas Haul | @agirlandgrey

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