Current Favourites

Current Favourites - A Girl & Grey

It’s been a while since I’ve compiled a favourites post, and I’ve fallen in love with so many different things lately, so it’s about time I shared them all with you! The first thing I’m loving right now is podcasts. I recently wrote this post sharing a few of my favourites, but since then have […]

The Easter Tea Edit

Today’s post is a little different to my usual, but on a topic I love to write about! There are so many great Easter teas out this year, so I thought I would combine them all into one blog post. There’s an Easter themed tea out there for everybody, I believe, and they also make […]

LUSH Haulin’

One of the major benefits of moving house this time of year is that our new place has the most insane bath, at least compared to what I’m used to. It’s deep and definitely big enough for two, and it’s perfect for lots and lots (and lots) of bubbles. This is where LUSH comes in. […]

April Goals

If you have been keeping up with me on Instagram so far in April, you’ll know that this time last week we moved house. Let me just say this: moving house sucks. It’s so much work!!! Seven days later and our house is almost done. ‘Almost’ as in our boxes are unpacked, but the walls are […]